No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Powers of 10^2

Due to errant Asian spam-commenting, I was reminded of this post, so I thought I'd take oohbarracuda's advice to do more of these weekly 4 years later.

$2,300,000,000,000 - increase in the US public debt 2008-2009.

$23,000,000,000 - Facebook

$230,000,000 - Value of stock options received by 10 CEOs in 2009.

$2,300,000 - Awesome Feather

$23,000 - Montblanc pen commemorating noted luxury-besotted playboy Gandhi

$230 - a pound of black ostrich feathers

$2.30 - 12 oz of shells

$0.023 - Chinese rice dumpling (in volume)

So if we held a bake sale and a billion Chinese people each brought 100,000 dumplings and sold them all, the proceeds could pay off the US debt. At 20g a piece (as the website advertizes) those hundred trillion rice dumplings would weigh 2 trillion kilograms, or 2 billion metric tons, or about 333 Great Pyramids of Gyoza. Zing!
Tags: math, money

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