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Friday after work, we picked out a dryer at Lowe's and had a late, but very excellent, dinner at Thai Dishes on Manchester. I walk by it all the time on my lunch hour, but this was the first time I'd eaten there. It was all really, really good.

Saturday, I wrote the rest of the adventure for the con, while Rebecca raked and chewed up leaves in the front yard. The bad news is that the trashcan is once again full to the brim, the good news is that the tree has hardly any leaves left on it.
Rebecca headed off to the grocery store and then to visit Jason-of-the-seldom-updated-blog, who had announced 'open house' at his place for any and all friends to drop by at whatever time. I mostly finished the adventure and joined them just in time to sample the tortilla soup that Rebecca fixed up. It's an excellent recipe and we've been having a lot of nice hot soup during the cold winter months.
Spent some great time discussing literachoor & catching up, but then the lure of Maxicon grew too great, and I had to head back home to get ready.
At the FIRM, things were hopping. Dilithium Chef had taken place and there were people eating the remnants of the entries all over the place. I finally assembled players and got down to giving them a nice dose of group therapy.
It went about as well as a game can when a group of six people splits into six people doing totally separate things. Lots of explosions and violence and massive character death. Yay!
Afterwards, I stuck around for some poker, and watched Shawn clean us all out. It couldn't happen to a more genial guy, but it was really quite ridiculous. There were several huge pots, and he won them all. One hand, there were three full houses, and his was the best. In another game of 7-stud, his three down cards were three kings. I had a few winning hands, but usually the pots were small. I managed to have three queens in the hole once, but I raked in about 80 cents. So I feel fortunate that I lost only $3.75 by the time that Shawn and I were the last two people with chips on the table.
Stumbled home and hit the hay around 3AM. Sunday morning, I was already up by 8, and we snuck out for a little grocery shopping, arriving just as TJ's doors opened at 9. As promised, the dryer came for delivery between 10 and 2. As feared, they had to bring it up the back steps, since it wouldn't fit through the pantry door. They hooked it up, and not long afterwards, Rebecca did a load of laundry without the use of quarters. It's magic or something. The washing machine is a frontloader, so you can watch your clothes swirl around in a circle inside. Mesmerizing.
Watched the football games. My ill-luck continues, as both teams that I thought would win, lost. I guess I'll be rooting for Carolina in the Superbowl. They're underdogs, they're a new team, and obviously the Patriots still need to pay for The Tuck.
Then it was back to Maxicon for Ian's Call of Cthulhu game. I enjoyed myself, but the lack of sleep told on me as the game continued on past midnight. I got to pretend to be a cantankerous old geezer (no jokes, now). A little Delta Green, a little investigation, a little gunplay, a little hiking and by the end of the game, it was clear that my character was never again going to play the piano.
Got back home at 2AM... the alarm clock went off at 6:25 and here I am now... celebrating MLK's vision of ameliorating the plight of oppressed people by goofing off while I'm at work.
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