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Apples & Aliens

Love Kaia Love Kaia
One of the thank-you notes from DonorsChoose

Always neat to get the thank-you notes from DonorsChoose. This was from a project called "Cooking with Fairy Tales". The kids had been experimenting with apples and apple sauce as one of the first projects, and sent art and notes along. Dr. Pookie and I liked this one in particular due to the unusual green and purple one-eyed aliens, which look like they should have been produced in Milano's recent awesome-sauce experiment teaching children to create religious icons of the Great Old Ones.
However, evidence from other artists suggests that the green and purple dudes are actually balalaikas or some similar stringed instrument. Anyway, to up your Awww quotient...

Thank you for giveing our class money for cooking supplies. I had fun. We made apple sauce. We read Snow White and the 7 drawfs. We ate apples. And we ate red yellow and green apples. We looked at the apples.

We read Snow Whie and it was fun but it was a little scary.

We cut apples with knives and we read Snow White.
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