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No. 118

Writing a speech about the market for lasers in bioinstrumentation is not as much fun as it sounds.

The World of Cthulhu has been rocked by, well, Worlds of Cthulhu, a new magazine devoted to Call of Cthulhu. The surprising thing (to me) is that it's being run by Keith Herber and divers hands of rare talent. Seeing Doc Herber's name associated with the project made me sit up and actually pay attention. This has the potential to fill the gap created by the anemic publishing schedule of Chaosium & Pagan Publishing. And with good stuff. Stuff good enough that I might have written it. Stuff that I might, in fact, write. dusts off gaming-writing-guy hat

I downloaded the demo of Metro SE. It took me a while to get everything hooked together properly - the operating system, the MIDI interface, the synthesizer and the software all have to mesh like clockwork. And they didn't feel like meshing at the start.
I haven't had much time to fiddle with it, but I think it will easily do everything I need it to, and a lot more.
Since Metro records audio in addition to MIDI, I could conceivably sing into the miniphone on the iMac on top of the digital output from the synthesizer. Metro gives me a poor man's recording studio for a mere $70 (not counting $1300 for the iMac and $800 for the synth)
Tags: lovecraft, music

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