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If one word in four of this is true, I'll eat my hat

Wingnut Daily story on Abigail Seidman, the daughter of an abortion nurse.
And further interview with Seidman from lifesite news.
Abigail first smoked marijuana at the clinic owner's house at age 15. Drug use within the abortion culture is "quite common," Abigail told me, "particularly marijuana and LSD." Pot was kept at the clinic and "smoked communally after work each day."
Abigail continued some of her destructive habits until last year when her oldest son was diagnosed with autism. She began conducting online research for help, but got nowhere with the atheist groups. "Their overwhelming response was, 'I'm sorry you weren't able to find out and abort him in time.'"
There were also special ceremonies involved when members of the clinic staff got intentionally pregnant in order to have abortions, which would be conducted after hours with a large group. I was not welcome at these ceremonies since I had never had an abortion myself (at the time), so I can’t give details, but on one occasion I babysat the infant daughter of a clinic worker during one, upstairs from the clinic, and I remember hearing bits of song/chanting and that the doctor was not present (he was male and the ceremony was female only), so the abortion was obviously being performed by an unqualified person.
([The doctor] was also a bit of a sex addict, so the clinic staff’s willingness to fornicate freely and have abortions whenever possible definitely worked in his favor, and most of the clinic employees had sex with him at some point, except for the sworn lesbians ....)
Interestingly, the Goddess was also known as the Great Dragon (this was said to be her “truest form”)

Tiamat worshippers... why did it have to be Tiamat worshippers?

Then again, if this is true, clinic workers sure know how to party!

ETA More context, especially if you came here to look at all the Tiamat worshippers
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