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4th period Biology is brought to you by Yogi Bear in 3D & Van de Kamp's Fish Sticks

LAUSD is considering funding sports, food services, art programs, Academic Decathlon, etc. through corporate sponsorship and advertising logo emblazonment.

Given the fiscal disaster, this may be a grotesque but necessary step, if the alternative is to shut down the football team and the art program.

But it seems a shame we can't adequately fund public education publicly. Yes, that means taxes. So what. It's not like these corporate fairy godmother donors are charitably giving of their own money -- all that money came from consumers. Call it a corporate-mediated tax. This is better?

If and when CA and the LAUSD rights its financial ship, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes to push this back out of the schools. Or will the schools get addicted to and complacent about this new source of funding?
Tags: education, la, money, politics

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