No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Proof I am part of the Wiccan lesbian abortion conspiracy

I am indebted to an anonymous comment (thank you, Osceolo K12 schools!) for pointing out this followup to the saga of Abigail Seidman, who alleges all sorts of interesting goings on at an abortion clinic in the early 1990's. Best of all, the new story links to my blog entry! My internet skills can reach 100's!

I preface this interview with Frankie’s corroboration because some of the details below are so disturbing that it is going to provoke disbelief. Ironically, Abigail recently had a doubter on one of the atheist blogs [that's me!] write in response to her story a complaint that she had to single out “Tiamat” worshippers.

The irony here is that she had not to that point ever mentioned in any of her interviews the name of the Babylonian goddess of chaos that her mother worshipped. Who would know stuff like that off hand? “The lady doth protest too much, methinks!”

Who would know stuff like that off hand?

Educated people. Um, who played Dungeons & Dragons a lot. Basically at least half of my friends. Uh oh, that's probably further proof that I'm part of the Wiccan lesbian abortion conspiracy. And so are all of you, my friends!

Very careless of me to have fallen in to her trap.

Tags: insanity, religion, rpg, skepticism

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