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So I bought myself a Kindle. I'm a little amazed/creeped out by Amazon's message that I can buy books for it, which will be delivered wirelessly to the dingus inside its box as it makes its way through the postal system.

Anyway, I ask the greater hive-mind, particularly those with Kindle experience... What free or near-free books should I pack onto it? I see there's plenty of nearly free Lovecraft. But I assume many of these texts are just ripped from complete with typos (rather than ripped from Which of the many alternatives will cause me the least pain? There's lots of free or nearly so Poe, Dunsany, Machen, Wells, and just about anything Project Gutenberg or similar projects have touched. Any advice on how to tell a well-formatted version that plays nicely with Kindle from a badly formatted one?

Any other advice from the Kindle experts? I see that the greatest work of English literature is available, but reviews of the Kindle edition are excoriating. How can this crime against humanity be amended?

And it is also annoying that you can't(?) separate reviews of the Kindle edition from reviews of the physical book and the audio version that all seem to be mashed together.

How can you tell if the Kindle version will be well Kindle-ized?

Sing to me of the Kindle, O Internet, the dingus polytropos...
Tags: book, internet, lovecraft

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