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Journal of No. 118

February 10th, 2011

Interesting Archive Treasure Feb 25th @ 01:37 pm

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A failed TV pilot from Psycho-screenwriter and Outer Limits guru Joseph Stefano from the UCLA Film/TV Archive

(a.k.a. The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre)
(1965) Directed by Joseph Stefano

Martin Landau stars as a Los Angeles-based architect-cum-paranormal investigator who specializes in assessing and exorcising old homes. Stefano here weaves together vengeance, hallucinogens and a “bleeding ghost” in a gothic telefilm that was deemed too frightening to air by network executives. Stefano's only directorial effort, this extremely rare pilot never aired in the U.S.

Also has Dame Judith Anderson!
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Journal of No. 118