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Woohoo! Saw The Whisperer in Darkness tonight at the cast/crew/background players screening.

As their Call of Cthulhu emulates a silent picture of the 20's, The HPLHS' Whisperer is modelled along the lines of a 30's talkie. Nice look, fabulous sound, solid acting, a few really eyepopping effects. CoC stuck so close to the original story it's a marvel; Whisperer strays, which is sad, but really what's the alternative, since it really fits the Lovecraft mold of 'guy sits at his desk reading and writing letters for several weeks, takes a trip, has a long conversation with a crazy person, and comes home.'

No spoilers from me till it gets officially out into the wild. But you do see more than enough of my map in the debate scene. For good or ill, I'm off the shoulder of one of the principals, so my phiz looms in a slightly out of focus way (probably the best for all concerned). Spotted a few other folks in the theater and on the screen - pretty sure it was vadenalim and missmea who stride across the screen bigger than life as the party scene fades in.
Tags: film, lovecraft

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