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Winner of the Bovine Indecision Limerick Contest

I recently resubscribed to the free e-mail Mini-AIR that harbors tidbits from the ever so silly Annals of Improbable Research. Among their recent trends is a limerick contest, in which one has to summarize an unusual research paper in the form of a limerick. I entered the Bovine Indecision Limerick Contest and won!

The literature citation is as follows:
"Do Cows Prefer a Barn Compartment With a Grooved or Slotted Floor?" Journal of Dairy Science, J. Stefanowska, D. Swierstra, J.V. Van den Berg, and J.H. Metz, vol. 85, no. 1, January 2002, pp. 79-88.
The authors, who are at the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Wageningen, The Netherlands, report that:

[O]ne floor type was not clearly preferred over the other...

My winning entry was as follows:

The Dutch scholars thought it behooves
Us to find whether cows prefer grooves
To slots on barn floors,
But nature abhors
Discriminant ruminant hooves.
Tags: funny, science, wordplay

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