No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

ChronoAgents Reloaded

aaronjv is running another roadpuzzlerally here in the City of Angels. I enjoyed Aaron's first one, though my team's late start hobbled our chances. Indeed, I enjoyed it enough to run my own, receiving the execrations and cheers of many.

Anyway, I'm thinking of forming a team. Any of you cool cats up for that?

"There will be armed (boffer) combat, but only between other fighters (duels) and select NPCs. Feel free to invite others, larpers, non-larpers, friends, family, etc. Each team must have a legal, registered driver and an insured vehicle. At least one cell phone with a camera is required for each team. You are expected to have Internet access, but it will help you less than you think."

Of all of those required things... I can only supply "a legal, registered driver and an insured vehicle"

So I could use:
* someone with a suitable phone.
* someone with mobile internet access (probably included above)
* someone who has both skill and an avocation for hitting people with padded sticks.

ETA: It occurs to me that the game is running on Judgment Day, so if the world does not end as scheduled, you can thank the ChronoAgents.
Tags: enigma, game, la, larp, saveourcity

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