No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118


Seem to have gotten some mild con-crud or airplane-crud. Sore throat and pluggy feeling ears. Yech.

The wind and rain brought down some medium sized branches from the tree.

None in the walls, but we may have a rat in the attic. I almost hope it's a rat, since the alternative is a possum, and they look too much like ROUS's. Even if they're MOUS's (but not mouses).

Interest in Civ World on FB is waning rapidly.

I picked up Fallout 3 for $5. Good clean mutant-killing fun. After completing the main missions, it's neat to just wander the wastes. Often its just killing monsters, but ocasionally, there are nice little mini-stories hidden out there.

Taxes done, signed, sealed, and delivered. Not as bad as feared, but plenty enough for my taste.

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