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Maybe I should found Alchemy Centre International

Interesting story about the crumbling of Madonna's Malawi charity, which originally hoped to build a $15 million girls' school.
Last week it was announced that the future would not be built. Despite the fundraising success of Raising Malawi, which collected a reported $18 million in donations and spent $3.8 million on the planned academy, the girls' school has been abandoned and the Raising Malawi foundation has imploded.
To understand what went wrong, one has to look at Madonna's partner in the foundation, a mysterious and controversial organization called the Kabbalah Centre International, which is now a focus of federal investigators.
members of the religious order (including the Bergs) "have taken a vow of poverty" and look to the center "for their meals, lodging and other subsistence." [Aw, that's nice.]
Four of the five Berg families live in Beverly Hills mansions owned and remodeled by the center. [Oh, I see, it's like Vatican-style poverty]

Salt-rubbing kicker: "UNICEF's Schools for Africa program, for example, has renovated or built 1,000 schools and trained 100,000 teachers since 2004."
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