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To what is this world coming?

Like all aging misanthropes, I despair for the younger generations. Case in point: the pull-string piñata. Seriously, what could be healthier than attacking Darth Vader's head with a stick (lightsaber)? (unless you're Luke)

But I am informed that some killjoys think it unhealthy:
A blindfolded child is let up to some poor helpless papier-mâché animal hanging off a tree by a string. They have a stick or a bat in their hand, and they proceed to whack the animal with all their might. Other children are cheering on the fight. When the piñata is broken open, candy spills out. Everyone rushes to grab as much candy as they can. It's every kid for them self.
Doesn't sound like such a good party game when it's put like that, huh?

Are you on crack? Of course it sounds like a good party game.
There are now pull-string piñatas...which get rid of the hitting element. ... Fill it with healthy snacks or toys. Have a set number of toys or snacks inside and tell the children before hand how many of each thing they can each pick out. Or have a set number of the same kind of thing for each child, and have the birthday child pass out the toys/snacks to each of the other children.

She doesn't even bother to hide her socialist agenda.

Pin the tail on the donkey isn't safe, either. I mean safe from killjoys.

But if that's the way we're headed, I promise no piñata at the next (i.e. first) kids' party I throw(*). Instead we'll have Jarts.

(*)This is probably a lie, since Dr. Pookie feels convicted that the Nephew of Doom now absolutely deserves a piñata.
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