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M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman -- The Mike with the Golden Gun

M is for Magic is a young adultish set of short stories self-consciously titled in the vein of Bradbury's R is for Rocket. As always, Gaiman is a story-teller's storyteller, taking fun liberties with fairy tales and other well-worn tropes, like the English gentlemen's club story. I'm a sucker for a tale from the White Hart, or to hear what a few small whiskeys will inspire Jorkens to impart, so I'd say my favorites in this collection are the story from the Lost Carnadine Rogues' Club - "How to Sell the Ponti Bridge" and the story of the Epicurean Club - "Sunbird", which is not so much a club story as it is a story in the vein of RA Lafferty's tales of Aloysius Shiplap & Co.

Match o Matic lighter - National Silver Company

Picked up this Match-o-Matic lighter at the Torrance Antique Fair. It has a nice Scaramanga look to it, so I'm set for the next (if ever) swingin' 60's Spy LARP.
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