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The invisible hand starts poking the UC system

The Regents are considering differential tuition at the various UC campuses.

"Advocates of allowing undergraduate tuition to vary by campus say that the change would raise funds the schools could share and that consumer demand should play a bigger role in setting tuition."

Hmmm... that sounds reasonable. Supply and demand. And especially if there's sharing throughout the system, it will just make the pie higher for the university system in these trying times.

And yet... some of these quotes make my skin crawl:
"'"Cut us free and let us be our own profit center"'"
"UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego could charge higher fees without harming enrollments, Reyes said. 'I know the clientele could meet those pricing structures,' he said."

the clientele could meet those pricing structures
profit center
the clientele could meet those pricing structures
profit center
the clientele could meet those pricing structures

It's like saying, 'we reject enough rich customers, I mean students, nowadays that if we hiked prices, we could still get full enrollment. And the worthy poor brown children can still go to Riverside!'

There's some lip-flapping about increasing financial aid, but let's face it, with the way fees have already increased -- 32% over the past two years -- an extra 25% on top of that is not likely to be mitigated by any aid plans.

Time to build more suites.

ETA: In 1980 the typical California household would be able to finance 17 bachelor’s degrees at a UC with one year of household income. In 2000 that number had dropped to 5. Today it is only enough to purchase one bachelor’s degree at the UC system.
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