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Journal of No. 118

February 8th, 2004

poker loser @ 09:08 am

I did well for the first half of the night. I had probably doubled my money. Then my big mistake was to switch tables. Three huge hands later and I had transferred my winnings to Scott, who had been down to his last few chips. By the end of the night, I was down $3.75, so I wasn't taken to the cleaners the way Ian was.
The most heartbreaking hand was one of those three huge ones. We were playing Crazy Eights, a game that Glenn taught me which has now caught on among our circle of players: 7-stud, eight's wild and any two cards that add up to eight can be transformed into a single wild. So there's the possibility of a lot of wilds, and it's not always obvious how many wilds people will have hidden away. Anyway, Judy lays down 4 jacks. She is demoralized by my 4 queens. Mirabile dictu, Scott also has 4 queens. But Scott has 4 queens and a 10, whereas I have 4 queens and a 2.
All righty... on the agenda for today.... a few chores and catching up on Miskatonic U.
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Journal of No. 118