No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

In (almost) unrelated to Peru news...

While we were away, two treasures came to light...

#1 - Hidden storerooms in an Indian temple were found to contain some $22 billion-with-a-b in gold and other treasures.

#2 - My copies of Dead But Dreaming 2 arrived. I'm delighted to see that a couple of the amazon reviews mention my story as being noteworthy, and particularly tickled that one of those reviews was penned by Wilum Pugmire, whose work I greatly admire. I guess it helps that my story is set in Kingsport, his favorite Lovecraftian locale -- but at the least it seems I didn't screw it up!
I've only read a couple stories so far. Despite being a tough critic and pretty jaded when it comes to both horror and Lovecraft, I haven't been disappointed by a crummy story yet. Looking good!

And in potential treasure news...

#3 - Somethingawful is having another WTF D&D contest. This time, the concept is to submit both A) a piece of artwork and B) a brief D&D module-style encounter in a room. The entries will be stitched together into an open source D&D module, with the winning entry serving as the cover art.
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