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Two things I forgot in the last omnipost

On my trips to SF, I've been approached by marriage equality peeps, but this most recent time, there was a fleet of canvassers from Planned Parenthood on Market Street, but I don't think I would've got their attention if I were on fire. I must look too much like a tall, handsome middle-aged business man.

Played a fair amount of the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer beta. Pretty close to the U2 multiplayer, but with a few tweaks that add even more fun. I really like the Team Objective mode; previously (IIRC) it would throw you into a game in a random team mode that you played to the finish. Now you play a game that cycles through the modes on the fly with the winner decided by best-three-of-five.

I found myself doing pretty well. In one miraculous game I racked up a modest 9 kills while dying ZERO times. This is the more remarkable because usually my most reliable offensive move is to drop a grenade on the ground when some 12-year-old hopped up on ADHD drugs leaps out of nowhere to start kicking the shit out of me, so that we both die. I'm wondering if maybe they've tweaked the levelling boosts to be less lopsided. Either that, or it was generally a more level playing field since no one had gotten to very high levels. I think I made it up to 16, with the highest I saw being around 35. In U2, you often ran into a pack playing as a team, who were all 50th level (or higher). And they would invariably clean your clock in record time.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to U3.
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