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Free and Free-ish books

What with the new carpet and all, 75% of our books have made a short journey out of their shelvy homes and then back into them. All powered by the local primates. And this gets one to thinking, "Why am I carrying this book that I never want to see again?"

So this is your chance to place dibs on a few things before they wind up in Goodwill:

Sandman Slim, by Richard Kadrey (slightly earmarked for gotham_bound some months past, but edging closer to the Goodwill pile)
Rabengott, by Bernhard Hennen (Das Schwarze Auge tie-in fantasy novel in German)
Probability Moon, by Nancy Kress
A Shorter History of England and Greater Britain by Cross (1930)
History on the Internet: A Student's Guide, by Andrew Stull (1997!)
Faust, by Goethe. First Part with facing German and English versions
Faust, by Goethe. Both Parts, in English translation.
Now We Are Sick, edited by Gaiman and Stephen Jones (nasty 'children's' verse by genre authors from Bloch and Campbell to Lafferty and Pratchett)
An Anthology of Chinese Literature from early times to the 14th Century
Modern Korean Fiction - An Anthology
The Alexander Cipher, by Will Adams
Mindset - the New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck, Ph.D.
Consciousness: An Introduction, by Susan Blackmore
Galileo's Dream, by Kim Stanley Robinson
Radical Enlightenment 1650-1750, by Jonathan Israel
A People's History of the United States (abridged Teaching Version) by Howard Zinn
Frontier Trilogy, by Zane Grey
Western Legends, by Zane Grey (3 novels)
A half dozen Lovecraftian-themed comic books

And a few not-quite free things that are destined for ebay, unless you're interested -- make me an offer:

AfterShocks: an Anthology of So-Cal Horror (signed by Christa Faust)
Viator, by Lucius Shepard from Night Shade Books
A small pile of 1960s 70s and 80s paperback editions of HP Lovecraft (and also a 1974 British edition of Clark Ashton Smith's Abominations of Yondo, and a fairly pristine 1965 Ace edition of The King in Yellow.)
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