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Road Rally Challenge - Save Our City version 1.1 (unlicensed)

OK, I'm still jazzed by Aaron's roadrally.

And I'm still bummed that no one ever solved the final puzzle in my Los Angeles puzzle/road rally, Save Our City. Yes, I know it's my own fault -- it was too long and hard (that's what she said). The grand prize winners had decoded the instructions, but time ran short for them to actually carry out that final mission and defeat the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

So I'm challenging everyone and anyone to solve that puzzle, using any means necessary.

The first person to email me the correct secret codeword will receive the following prize: The LA Noire Soundtrack and the LA Noire Remixed Soundtrack [or more likely, the cash equivalent of the iTunes downloads]. What better way to enjoy your victory of time-travelling in Los Angeles than with the songs of the 1940s as reinterpreted by the future?

Here are the rules.

#1: There are no rules.
#2: All the game materials are here. All you need to do to win the prize is be the first to send me the solution to the puzzle on the last page. Of course, doing that requires you to do most of the earlier puzzles.
#3: The city changes, and some of these puzzles may not work anymore. That's too bad.
#4: This challenge is open book. By this, I mean you can use any and every resource at your disposal, including me (especially if you run into a #3 type problem). Some resources that may be useful to you include:

My public post-game post.
The spoiler post, which doesn't really spoil all that much, although aaronjv mentions most of the locations.
The best mission photos taken by the teams during the event, which again obviously show a lot (maybe all) of the locations.

#5: For a great moral victory, please do at least try to complete the game without those three spoiler resources. I know it's paradoxical for me to want you to NOT cheat use spoilers, and then award a prize only to the first person, but so be it.
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