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Randi Challenge

The Amazing Randi made a high profile reiteration of his $1 million challenge to psychics James Van Praagh and Allison DuBois. Given the history of the challenge, they're not too likely to accept this chance to make an honest million dollars.

After all, it's clear that psychics can do pretty well for themselves.
Their nearby business, Astrology Life, advertised life coaching and $20 special readings.
People came to her distraught over sick family members and busted romances. The victims, who prosecutors identified only by their initials, turned over money and other valuables.

If they didn't, Marks and her family warned that they "would contract terrible diseases, suffer horrible financial hardships, and endure terrible catastrophes," according to a federal indictment.

Sick loved ones would not recover and victims would remain haunted by evil spirits, they allegedly said.
In all, authorities said, the family amassed a $40 million fortune from a psychic scam dating back 20 years.
Tags: skepticism

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