No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

A wild mini appears

Dr. Pookie's twin suggested (insisted, actually) I take a look at the Mini. I know Kev & Deb&Kev like theirs, and she certainly likes hers. I'm not wild about their looks, but then I saw that a new two-seater version is coming soon, which I think is much cuter than the standard Mini. So, although they're not expected at the dealers for at least a month or more, I raced out and tried out a Mini Cooper S Hardtop, which shares the same engine and (it appears) interior for the front seat at least. Roomier than I expected (once I racked down the seat a dozen notches) and the engine has great zoom, particularly given the excellent gas mileage. But I didn't really care for its handling, and it definitely has a feeling of being a toy. A very pretty, well-designed and appointed toy... but a toy.
Tags: car

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