No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Craig at Unfilmable was kind enough to post up my review of the Festival. He also has a nice rundown of the winners, and he provides YouTube links so you can watch Static Aeons and Black Goat (and a quick preview of The Raven).

I think I already mentioned that I was one of the judges (with the other writers) of the screenplay competition. The winner and runner up were my two favorites by a considerable margin, and I'm glad the choice wasn't left only to me, because I couldn't pick a favorite. Fortunately, the other writers' votes helped to determine the victor: Bill Barnett's The Old Man & the Box. And I was glad I was able to meet Bill and congratulate him on his work at the after party. But I did also really enjoy the runner-up, Death Wind by Jim Pinto & Travis Heermann.
Tags: film, lovecraft, writing

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