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Now that Warren is on his way to Ant-freaking-arctica, I am free to plunder Fark for linkage: No buffalo hide was recovered.

Sunday, we had Jason and Andy over for dinner. Rebecca made a middle eastern-esque feast: olives, flatbread and hummus, two yogurty things, chicken, date sweets, pistachios and mint tea. I washed a dish or two and kept out of the way. Lots of excellent conversation, ranging from politics to insane comic book creators.

Netflix doped us up on documentaries. Spellbound was as good as I'd heard. The important thing is that Little Miss New-Haven-Connecticut-Yale-legacy-continental-au pairs-and-dressage LOSES! And so does the pint-size-megalisping-home-schooled-Jesus-zombie, who shows up near the end. I won't spoil the rest of it.

Last night, we watched American Movie. Mark Borchardt dreams of making horror movies. He's 50% auteur-visionary and 50% fuck-up. He twists arms like a dictator and wheedles cash like a 3 dolla ho, all in the service of his art. The comparisons to Aaron are all too easy to make. And damn if he hasn't sold 5136 units of Coven. No small thanks due to the documentary.

Oh, and we went and saw Master & Commander, which was perfectly enjoyable though Rebecca's correct that much could have been removed. And having removed some of it, I would have much preferred having a complete ending rather than a tease for a sequel.
Bonus movie 'review': I was poking around ruthlessreviews & spotted this in their 'guilty pleasures' section:
"Erich Schulte's Guilty Pleasures.
10 - The Wild Bunch.
I know, The Wild Bunch is hardly a guilty pleasure. It's a very highly regarded film. My guilty pleasure is how I watch the film. Apparently, it's supposed to be a commentary on violence or something ... and you're supposed to appreciate the natural beauty in the film. If you look at my review, you'll see that I completely ignore all of that. Usually, I just watch the opening scene where all of the bible thumping abolitionists get slaughtered and hop around the room shouting an altered version of the chorus from Metallica's "Call of Cthulu" "DIE BY MY HAND! SPREAD DEATH ACROSS THE LAND!, KILLING FUCKING CHRISTIANS" With the underlying chant of DIE, DIE, DIE, pulsating in my mind."
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