No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Artin' and Eatin'

Dr. Pookie and I joined one of her colleagues from Tartan Hall at an ArtBites event. It was an enjoyable evening, but not so amazing that I'd consider a do-over. The idea was first a visit to LACMA to look at art through the lens of wine through the ages. From kraters and rhytons to crystal and porcelain.

Then on to cook with (and drink) wine at the lovely home of Amy Reiley. Turns out we're separated by a lot fewer than 6 degrees of separation, with Chrysta of Kiss My Bundt being the key link. Anyway, we got down to work in the kitchen where I chopped a parsnip, debearded a few mussels, sauteed some garlic, and carried out sundry other tasks. I think the herb-rubbed, wine-marinated London Broil was the most successful dish. I enjoyed crosschecking various wines against various dishes, and it was just fun to put together a communal meal.
Tags: alcohol, art, food, la, wine

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