No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Atheist terrorists

Whiteville, Tennessee attacked by atheist terrorists:

"The mayor of Whiteville, Tenn. said his community is under attack from a national atheist organization that is threatening to sue unless they remove a cross atop the town’s water tower.
“They are terrorists as far as I’m concerned,” said Mayor James Bellar..."

OTOH, I think Barker of the FFRF is going a bit overboard when he says, “It offends many residents,” Barker said of the cross. “Many of them think the cross symbol is an offensive symbol – that it’s an insult to humanity.”

But the mayor easily manages to outscore Barker on stupid statements: “We don’t have people of that belief here and if we do they’re not going to raise that kind of ruckus for the rest of the town.”

'We don't have a problem with out nullifidian folks. They ain't uppity like up north.'

“A terrorist is more than a guy that flies the planes into the building,” he said. “It’s anyone who can disrupt your way of living, destroy your lifestyle, cause you anxiety. It’s more than killing people. If they can disrupt your routine in life, that’s what they want to do. They are terrorists as far as I’m concerned.”

That makes the TSA a terrorist organization.

Wait, maybe he's got something there.
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