No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

From Dust

From Dust is a nifty little god game. Your pathetic and idiotic human worshippers need your help in traversing the landscape, founding their cities, and moving on to more complicated worlds. Your primary power is the ability to pick up a big sphere of dust, water, or lava, and then drop it. So, for instance, if your followers are trapped on an island, you can pick up dust and drop it to connect two islands with a little isthmus. When cities are founded, they may give you other powers, like the ability to freeze all water into a jelly. The first few levels are really training exercises, but it has kind of a nice lyrical feel as you help your people out. It's soothing to splash water around, and drop dust here and there. Lava, rock, dust and water is all there is. It's neat that simple ingredients and simple 'natural' laws give rise to complicated phenomena.
But soon, you find that Nature is the real god around these parts. An erupting volcano or a tsunami can really do a number on your poor tribe of humans. It gets frenetic as you simultaneously (try to) hold back the waters, deflect the lava, and nudge your stupid followers into going the right direction instead of getting lost, or drowned, or burnt, or STANDING AROUND LIKE IDIOTS. Why do I bother?!?
Tags: game, religion

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