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Time again for Powers of a Hundred

On FB a few days ago, I linked to this story about BofA moving its somewhat shaky derivatives assets (stemming from the Merrill Lynch shotgun marriage) into its commercial banking unit. The value of the assets is the truly astonishing thing. $55 trillion. That's bigger than the entire US debt, which is itself an unthinkable amount of money. And so, I feel compelled to offer up another powers of a hundred.

$55,000,000,000,000 = amount of derivatives assets moved by BofA, an act that "shouldn’t be perceived as problematic," according to bank authorities.

$550,000,000,000 = Total global subsidies to the fossil fuel industry in 2010. Or total cost of the Iraq War to the US four years ago.

$5,500,000,000 = Money lost invested by Microsoft on Bing.

$55,000,000 = Value of the Huge-Ass Gold Coin unveiled today by the Australian Mint. It's 31 inches across, almost five inches thick, and weighs more than a ton. Alcohol use is suspected as the cause.
The amount a no-donation-limit super PAC intends to spend on behalf of evolution and climate change denialist Rick Perry. Alcohol use is suspected as the cause.

$550,000 = Current median home price in Honolulu

$5,500 = Value of a Mac stolen at OWS.

$55 = Nomad Women's Yippy Boots

$0.55 = Current IRS deduction per mile for business driving.
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