No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
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Love your students, just don't *love* your students

School principal is way creepily inappropriate with a couple 8th grade girls, including sending emails like:

"The reason a few girls are saying something to you about being out of class and spending time with me is simple... They are jealous and would do anything to trade places with you," he wrote. "You are very special to me for all the right reasons ... I am very attached to you and that will only end if you want it to... That would be a very bad day for me I can promise."

When confronted, he resigns. And gets "a part-time job with Granville County on Jan. 24, working with the county's 4-H troubled teen program." And "took a job as a substitute teacher in Granville County Schools." He left both jobs after someone ratted him out.

But man, that's a lot of tenacity. The only way it could be better/worse is if he was working with youth in his church.

"Forsythe came under scrutiny again for directing his church's youth choir after leaving Voyager Academy."
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