No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Return from the wilds of reality

Haven't posted in a while, so I'm gonna talk your ear off now.

Tartan Hall has altered its schedule so that there was no school for Thanksgiving week. Since Dr. Pookie was thus free, I took the week off as well. Primarily we had a staycation, but I'll hit the highlights.

Monday, we got in the still-fairly-new car, and Dr. Pookie closed her eyes, stoically refraining from comment, while I drove like a madman up the coast to Santa Barbara, where we hit up a few wineries. Bought a few bottles, but the real reason was just to get away, see some nice scenery, and go where we wanted without any particular plan.

For Thanksgiving, we hosted for mom and the stepdad. We had a not very traditional menu; we (or rather Dr. Pookie) made duck as the main dish, and I chipped in on making the bacon risotto and green beans with cilantro. Mom brought bread and cranberry sauce. The duck was fine, but not spectacular, and everything else was pretty good. Finished it all off with pumpkin pie.

Saturday, we hosted a small poker and liquor party, with a good mix of good people.

Any intervening periods in that week were probably spent cleaning the house, or doing as close to nothing as possible. I endorse the staycation plan, but I was lazy as all get out. The cats were starting to criticize me for my lassitude.

Maybe tomorrow I'll catch up on blogging about my reading. Yes, I'm sure you're all excited to hear that.
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