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Journal of No. 118

December 12th, 2011

Summary @ 01:54 pm

Tree up and decorated.
First batch of holiday cards on their way.
Presents wrapped.
Chili made and consumed (but with leftovers, yay)

I've given up on Good Morning America. I thought Stephenopoulos would help beef things up, but it's been going the wrong direction - fluffy celebrity news, with plenty of plugs for ABC/Disney. I mean, when Robin Roberts is calling for more meat, something is probably wrong. The Stephenopoulos-vacated This Week has also suffered.
I've tried switching to CBS... it'll be curious to see what happens when Charlie Rose shows up next year. Even as a PBS-watching liberal elite, he bores the pants off me. But so far the more distracting thing is that I don't know what time it is. GMA was enough a part of my morning that it's like an alarm clock for my routine.

Finally, how not to spread the good news.
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Journal of No. 118