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Journal of No. 118

December 17th, 2011

Cutting up the Lowe's Card @ 07:45 am

Dr. Pookie posted it to Lowe's FB page, but it got baleted within seconds. At the same time, pretty awful comments survived... a bit longer before getting deleted, possibly due to Dr. Pookie and others pointing at them. But still, paging back through the 'debate', you can find things like "Lots of Koranimals on here tonight! WOW..."

It's amazing that all of this is due to a lone asshole "with a poorly made Web site". And apparently he's lied about many other advertisers pulling ads, and the companies are having to release statements denying they've dropped ads:

Green Mountain Coffee has sent out a twitter @GreenMtnCoffee: We didn’t modify our advertising. We do not discriminate and welcome different opinions with mutual respect.

Campbell Soup: “We certainly support diversity and inclusion,” he added, “and we market to everybody here in the United States, including Dearborn, Michigan.”

Sears: "Sears Holdings is proud to serve a diverse customer base which represents a true cross-section of America.”

ETA: Oh! Oh! A chance to use my newest icon.
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Journal of No. 118