No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

weird dream

I was lying on my back in bed, in that sort of half-aware state. I was dreaming... it wasn't quite a lucid dream, but close.

In the dream, I was also lying on my back in bed. And the ceiling was a big computer monitor. The whole ceiling. It was like some sort of super-GUI web-interface. Then my body floated off the bed and right into the ceiling.

I was fully immersed in a 3D web environment. It was like flying through a huge opera theatre, and the main stage was the browser window, and if you followed a link the curtains would close and open again with a new scene representing the new 'page'. God-help-me, the only page I remember was of a guy showing off his LEGO models of Star Wars ships. And it wasn't even Kevin.

There wasn't really anything to suggest that this was web-browsing, but I just knew it was. The whole thing was short and surreal. When I woke out of it, all I could think was that I would get annoyed by the time wasted in watching curtains close and open every time I went to a new page.
Tags: dream

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