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Woke up in the middle of a really strange dream, but now the only thing I can recall is that it guest starred Robert De Niro (as himself).

Spokeo is doing a little better at knowing who I am. In addition to knowing that I'm a single African American man, it now lists my religion as Protestant.

I finally went by the Piccolo's Books that took the place of the Borders at the Howard Hughes Center. Can't beat the price - a buck for a paperback. Most of the SF/F/H is pretty recent and mass market-y, but they have an extensive area of new arrivals you can pick through. I found a half dozen James Bond novels with 1960s covers (though nowhere near first printings). Some amusingly titled 60's-70's smut. There was also an Ace Double of PKD's Cosmic Puppets (backed by Sargasso of Space by Andrew North aka Andre Norton aka Alice Norton). It was definitely pretty thrashed... so I left it there. If anybody needs a 1957 first edition PKD for a buck, head on over.
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