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What has rational thought ever done for us?

I've been weighing in my mind the propriety of whipping up anti-Mormon sentiment in the online Christian group. I just couldn't do it. I did make a poll to see what the general sentiment about Romney is. In the comments, I went so far as to make my own politically pluralistic view known, and had the unenviable reward of convincing someone to vote for Romney, who wouldn't have otherwise. "Good point. I can and will vote for the Mormon if he makes the ticket."

For the record the current standings in the sparsely voted poll are:

Should Romney secure the Republican nomination for president...
Obama 2012! - 2 votes
Reluctantly, I will vote for him since anything is better than Obama. - 2 votes
His religion is not an issue, but I haven't made up my mind. - 2 votes
His religion is an issue, but I haven't made up my mind. - 1 vote
I vow not to vote for him, based principally on the fact he is Mormon. - 1 vote
I won't vote for him based on political reasons (Romneycare, Bain, etc.) - 1 vote
I would happily vote for him. - 1 vote

But the clear winner (with nearly half the vote) was a response added by one of the other takers:
I won't vote for him... Period. - 9 votes

Another thread is about whether high level Masons gain powers from Lucifer or not. Opinions are divided.

Another thread is about encountering demons in everyday life. Oh, sure, you're talking to a person, but it's really the demons inside them that you're talking to. Mostly. Sometimes they really are just demons you're talking to. The thread is inhabited solely by the crazy contingent, so that I can't even read it.

But my favorite thread is:
Is it theologically sound to encourage Christians to develop strong reasoning abilities?

So far, the consensus seems to be yes, but if you even have to ask...
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