No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

A Universe from Nothing, by Lawrence Krauss

This book tackles modern cosmology for the general audience, explaining what we know about the origin and fate of the universe, and how we know it. And, as the title suggests, there is a little bit of polemics involved, but Krauss largely hews closely to the evidence, what we do know (and don't), and what sort of questions we can consider answering in the future.

I'm pretty familiar with all the ingredients, but it was great to see it put all together in one place and developed: how the Uncertainty Principle allows you to get something for nothing (as long as you give it back later) and inflation allows you to turn a little something into a whole lotta something, and chaotic inflation could allow for the whole process to be eternal, bubbling off little universes all over the place.
Tags: atheism, religion, science

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