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The effect of good teachers

Hahvahd & Columbia study on 'high value added' [ugh] teachers shows that "If an elementary school student has an excellent teacher even for a single year, it boosts their income by an average of about 2 percent per year. ... To put that in perspective, if we can find a way to raise gross domestic product (GDP) by 2 percent, you’re talking about nearly ending the Great Recession every year. By economic standards, it’s a huge deal."

Unfortunately, it's not easy to determine what makes a good teacher, except in retrospect.

“There’s been a lot of research on what exactly makes a good teacher,” Friedman says. “Frankly, it hasn’t been all that helpful. There’s one predictor of value-added, which is teacher experience. In the first couple of years, teachers’ value-added goes up quite a bit. Beside that, people who have more-advanced degrees, [have] higher SAT scores, graduated from a better college, are certified versus uncertified — none of these things are strong predictors of value-added.”
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