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Journal of No. 118

March 28th, 2012

I'm not saying it's racism.... but it's racism @ 08:50 am

The Trayvon Martin case has been kicked around the Christian forum some. Now, I wanna stipulate that most of the people there have sane viewpoints on the issue. But a few are peculiarly obstinate in their desire to not give a shit. And as their cognitive dissonance grows, they reach out for stranger and stranger things to keep themselves comfortable. To wit:

"The number one thing that totally infuriates and baffles me is [Dear reader, how would you end that sentence? What infuriates you about this case?] that the photo picture of Trayvon Martin spread across the Media has been one of an innocent 12–13 year old boy, Not a photo of a 17 year old, which from what I’ve read Trayvon was 6’3” and 140-160 pounds and he was a football player, which means that he was probably wiry with muscles. I cannot conceive that No photos have been taken of him since he was 12-13 years old. Why the deception?"

[Speaking of photos, the one of 'Trayvon' flipping off the camera is not him, and seems to have been first promoted by Stormfront.]
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Journal of No. 118