No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Twin Prop Plain

Just two propositions on the lame CA primary.

Prop 28: Changes term limits so that legisthings can spend 12 years total in either assembly or senate, as opposed to current system in which legisthings can spend 6 years in the assembly and 8 years in the senate, for a total of 14 years. Amusing primarily for the arguments between the proponents and the proponents of the old system. We're promoting tougher term limits because 12 is less than 14! No, you're weakening them, since 6 and 8 are less than 12!

Verdict: I still think term limits are dumb(*), so I lose either way. Basically, I doubt it'll make a fly's fart of difference. So who cares?

(*) I like the response to the Con argument: "We hoped the [current term limit] law would bring a new type of 'citizen legislator,' who would serve for a short period and return to private life, giving others opportunities to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to government.
It hasn't turned out that way."
Yes, and this tinkering isn't going to fix that, now is it?

Prop 29: Increase cigarette tax by $1.

Currently tobacco excise taxes are $0.87, so this will more than double it. In fact, prop 99 (1988) added 25 cents. Prop 10 (1998) added 50 cents. So it's in keeping that this new one will add a buck. We'll keep doing this until people stop smoking (or buy all their cigarettes online).
The raised money, expected to be close to a billion dollars a year, is devoted to scientific research grants and laboratory construction grants for treating tobacco-related diseases, and a few other 'tobacco-abatement' programs. It's somehow Solomonically fitting, and at the same time kind of odd that all this money (and it's a lot) gets channelled into this one research area. I think I'd be happier if it went into the General Fund. At least it would be honest: "We hate you smelly smokers, so fucking pay for our sidewalk repair and parks. And by the way, fuck you."

Verdict: Hellifino. But I think no. But who cares?

It's also amusing to see Orly Taitz on the ballot for Senator.
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