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Journal of No. 118

April 28th, 2012

Adventures in Satanic garage sales @ 11:32 am

Hit a few garage sales and estate sales that were aligned along the leys between home and Trader Joe's. The first sale had a motivated seller... always a good thing. Amongst the DVDs were several volumes of Doc Marquis' series of DVDs informing the general populace about the Illuminati, their demonic helpers, and the coming Antichrist. Doc knows whereof he speaks, being an ex-member of the Illuminati who has since become a Christian and, defying the assassination attempts and the price on his head placed there by the Illuminati, lectures at churches and sells books and DVDs. I picked up the first one, mainly because it says on the back "Doc presents a thorough examination of the Illuminati Card Game, showing specific cards." Should I be surprised that there is also a 31 page forum post at AboveTopSecret on the prophetic nature of Illuminati Cards?
I also got a copy of Rosemary's Baby on DVD... Satan again.
However, I also picked up a copy of Steve Allen's Dumbth, which may be an effective skeptical antidote to all the Satan. Better yet, it's signed! The owner also put in some clippings and things. Steverino spoke and signed at a meeting of the Westchester Mental Health Guild. And that meeting took place on 5/5/2000, a day on which the earth was not destroyed by ice.
At one estate sale, their mini poker chips were more valuable than gold, so I had to pass.
And at the last, there were many pseudoscience books, from Uri Geller to astrology to alien abductions. But all I came away with was Hollywood Babylon, which also has a strong Satanism connection. Babylon is a dead giveaway, of course, but would it surprise you to know that the epigram before the title page is "Every Man and every Woman is a Star"? Of course not, since you certainly know that the author directed Thelemite/Satanic short films starring Anton Lavey and Jimmy Page.

I'm telling you... everywhere you look, there's agents of Satan, the Illuminati, and the New World Order. The important thing is to keep digging until you can connect them. If you can't connect them, you just haven't dug deep enough.
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Date:May 3rd, 2012 05:14 pm (UTC)


I think I still have Hollywood Babylon, or it might be in the "to sell on ebay when I have the time and energy to list 100+ books on there" pile.

I saw one of Kenneth Anger's films, I forget which one (not Lucifer Rising). In it, he shoves a finger in each nostril and scrapes them out into a huge bloody mess. Other bizarre things happened, but I won't forget that image. Very Un Chien Anadalou.

I am not sure of the factual basis for HB, but I love the queen-y, gossipy tone.
There is a sequel.

And the connections to Lucifer Rising are intense, mainly Marianne Faithful (getting this into the Rolling Stones world) and Bobby Beausoleil (of Manson Family murders).

Yes, Satanic conspiracy. Helter Skelter = HS = HAIL SATAN

Journal of No. 118