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Small town gears

So we went to the planning commission meeting about the proposed resurrection of the gas station (with added carwash). As always, it's interesting to see the wheels of government turning at the local level.
One of the commissioners lasered in on a point I had worried about. If the noise-mitigating carwash doors break, will the carwash still run? The applicant at least gave a verbal assurance that his intention is to keep things running ship-shape.
They called for public comments for & against the plan. I'm not really for it or against it, but I at least said my piece, airing concerns about noise and scents from the carwash. Another citizen aired concerns about it becoming an attractive nuisance, with utes congregating in the store or on the property. Another was very against the plan, citing traffic flow concerns. I'm guessing she either ran into somebody pulling out of the old gas station, or she works for a rival gas station. And then crazy tree lady complained about a proposed new tree trimming ordinance.
In the end, there were two nays and three ayes, though at least the chairman wagged his finger in a monitory way at the applicant, saying that the city would be checking up on him and the noise. I just hope there's some teeth behind that finger. Wait, does that make sense?
So, looks like we'll be getting new neighbors.

Oh, and in the elevator on the way back down, we met the mayor.
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