No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

And in cheery news from yesteryear...

July 1962 Nuclear War Planning “The May 31 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine considers in detail the consequences of the 20 megatons scheduled for Boston in a nuclear attack scenario: ‘It is likely that the vectors of epidemic disease would survive radiation injury better than the human population. Eastern equine encephalitis, hepatitis, poliomyelitis and other endemic disease could easily reach epidemic proportions under these circumstances.’ Prompt disposal of the dead will be essential for ‘control of epidemic disease and its vectors, flies and rodents’ and for ‘equally important, though less apparent,’ psychological reasons. Citing a study by the Office of Civil Defense Mobilization, the authors concur in the view that ‘the demolished city must be fenced in or cordoned and placed under quarantine.’”
Tags: history, sciam, science

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