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Journal of No. 118

July 7th, 2012

this and that @ 08:00 pm

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Early today we discovered that the great plumbing fix of 2009 was only a temporary one. Current diagnosis is broken sewer pipe, requiring excavation and bookoo dinero.

Survived lunch with mom and the stepdad. He essayed one ill-considered jest concerning his testicles, but his pants never fell down and no n-words. So success!

Two thumbs up for Sleep Dealer. Not the Best. Movie. Ever. But very good and inventive, and it may have slipped under the radar.

Alas, it appears that the one day out of the year that I zip up the coast for Semicon West is Randy's Donuts' 60th anniversary... free donut on Wednesday, 11AM-2PM.
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Journal of No. 118