No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Last Night, in Dream Theater

My computer had a virus. For a while, it was just annoying. It would modify LJ posts to add a little spam URL to them. And then it would do the same to FB posts. And then the frequency increased until it was spamming the interwebs like crazy. I tried to do things, but the virus was taking my control away. Somehow, I managed to navigate to a website that would remotely eliminate viruses from your system. It was based in the Czech Republic. I managed to click the agree button and it went to town, clearing my computer of the virus.
After it succeeded, it then flashed a map of the earth with colored lights showing where the virus was currently being reported; it was pretty widespread throughout the world. And then, there was another map showing the same data, but with the continents rearranged to form Pangaea.

Tags: dream
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