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Endeavour at LAX

I know all the Angelenos are posting about this, so I'll add one piece of trivia to make this worthwhile.

As you know, my office is reeealll close to LAX, so I had a great view of Endeavour. We emptied the office to go have a gawk at it. I knew that since they were setting up viewing on Imperial that they were going to land on the South runway. Which is bad, since the office is along the North runway route.

The first sight was pretty impressive. Even small and in the distance as it was, it was clearly not the same as the usual airplane. But fortunately, this was just a first pass, and they buzzed us along the North Runway!

After that, we saw it turn up north, and it went to visit my pals at JPL/Caltech.

Eventually, it came back for another flyby over the south runway, and then finally the landing run. We didn't have very good sights of that, but the flyover was more than enough! It was also neat to see people on all the roofs in the area.

My set of photos

Oh, I almost forgot the trivia. So Endeavour is named after James Cook's HMS Endeavour. We know that Endeavour will wind up at the California Science Center. But where is the original Endeavour?

HMS Endeavour was renamed the Lord Sandwich... MMmmmmm... sandwich... and in August 1778... in order to confound the French fleet... the erstwhile Endeavour... was scuttled... in Narragansett Bay. Not far from HPL's beloved Providence.
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