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The other day, I tried to go to Ralph's, but it was closed. They had no electricity and had to close up shop. So I eventually wound up at the Savon. I needed a few random items, but somehow I was confused (in my senile old age) by the different way things were stacked on shelves. So the cat wound up getting two cans of cat food and one can of dog food. The dog food was the exact same size and color as the cat food. Anyway, I sheepishly took it home. I figure the cat's not gonna know the difference -- in fact, I bet it's like some sort of exotic ethnic cuisine. I like Chinese food and Indian food, why shouldn't the cat like Dog food? Rebecca bet me a dollar that the cat would turn her nose up at it, but she ate it all up. The cat seems oblivious to the jokes we're making at her expense.

Speaking of ethnic cuisine...

Today, I took a Guinness with me to work in my sack-lunch. Some coworkers thought I was nuts, some thought I was cool. All I know is... I had Guinness for lunch today.
Now that I'm home, I've got Guinness, Murphy's and Knappogue whiskey to help make my St. Patrick's Day brighter. And, since I should probably eat some food with my drinks, I've naturally put in an order for Chinese food.
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