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Endeavour schedule

Notice from the city of Inglewood:

· The Inglewood kickoff event will at the Forum at 9am Saturday, October 13, 2012. Parking for this event will be at Hollywood Park. Both the Forum and Hollywood Park will open at 4 am on the 13th.

· Street closures are the following:

o On October 12th, Manchester Blvd will be closed between Aviation and Eucalyptus from 9 a.m. to midnight.

o On October 13th, Manchester Blvd will be closed between Eucalyptus and Crenshaw Drive from midnight to 6 p.m.

o Crenshaw Drive and Crenshaw Blvd between 82nd Pl to 79th Street will be closed from 5am and will reopen at 6 p.m.

o Traffic, North of Manchester on Crenshaw Blvd, will be detoured

· For detailed information a caller can call the City of Inglewood’s Endeavour hotline at (310) 412-8880.

· The updated Route information is below:

Friday, Oct.12

· 2 a.m.: Depart LAX on north side

· 4:15 a.m.: Arrive at intersection of La Tijera and Sepulveda boulevards. There, Endeavour will have a 9-hour layover while the roads ahead are cleared.
This is very close to my office, so I'll hopefully get some great photos before work on Friday.

· 1:15 p.m.: Head east on Manchester Boulevard.

· 4 p.m.: Stop short of San Diego (405) Freeway, and transfer shuttle to another carrier for crossing the overpass.
That's basically where Randy's Donuts is. I don't know where they'll actually stop, but maybe I'll get that photo of the shuttle and the donut on my way back from work!

· 10 p.m.: Cross 405 Freeway. CHP will close ramps and run traffic stops to minimize traffic disruptions caused by gawking. Endeavour will continue east overnight.

Saturday, Oct. 13

· 8 a.m.: Pass Inglewood City Hall, a designated viewing area.

· 9 a.m.: Reach the Forum, the scene of a formal welcoming celebration capable of accommodating a crowd as large as 14,000.

· 9:30 a.m.: Continue east on Manchester Boulevard, turning left at Crenshaw Drive, which connects to Crenshaw Boulevard.

· 2 p.m.: Arrive at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard for a second celebration, with entertainment produced by Debbie Allen.

· 2:30 p.m.: Continue east on MLK Boulevard.

· 4 p.m.: Reach Exposition Park, another designated viewing area and the site of the shuttle’s new home at the California Science Center.
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