No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Endeavour does Westchester

From Public Photos

More photos later, when I get the camera home.

Randy's Donuts is closed for the big event, which annoyed me since I was coincidentally on donut duty today. They've erected a grandstand in their parking lot to watch the shuttle go by later today.
But right now it's parked a stone's throw from work, and traffic is krrr-azy. A lot of people were parking in the no stopping zone along Westchester Parkway, and I saw the parking enforcement lady park at the head of the line, whip out her book, and sigh a heavy sigh at the long, profitable work ahead of her. I had time to see all this, because the traffic wasn't moving.
But I made it to work, dumped off my non-Randy's donuts and went to go have a look. It's great. It's amazing how much being near the thing can just make you giddy. Lots of people with their kids and/or dogs. Lots of media.
It'll be here 'til 1 pm or so. I can alllllmost see it out my office window, but instead, I'll just go take a walk every hour to have a look at it.
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